Are Squirting Orgasms For Real?

Female ejaculation feels damn good to a woman and can feel even better to you as a man for being able to give one to your woman. Unfortunately a lot of people don’t even believe female ejaculation exists and because of this not as many women are experiencing the intense level of orgasm they could be. Watch the video below as Jason Julius explains exactly what a female ejaculation aka squirting orgasm is and how you can start learning on how you an make the woman in your life squirt.

Why Society Wants You To Behave Like A Wuss

Throughout recent time society has implanted ideas in the heads of men that to gain the affection of an attractive woman they have to give in to her every whim and want. Buy her all these things, do everything for her and maybe she’ll accept you as a mate. For yourself you need to own the nice car, have the great house and expensive toys to go with it. All if you want to attract and have sex with an attractive woman, but why?

The answer is quite simple if you take a step back and look. Think of all the money you’ve spent on your last serious girlfriend or even the last date you went on. A date alone can cost 200 dollars or more in a big city or 100 dollars on the cheap end. If you date her for any significant amount of time your bill could be in the thousands of dollars over time.

We logically know that this is stupid. We say to our selves, “Why am I spending all this money on these women?” It’s because if people stopped going out on expensive dinner dates the restaurant business would suffer severely. If men quit buying their significant other diamonds the diamond business would go out of business. If men knew that a woman could be just as attracted to you if you drove a Honda than if you drove a Ferrari, men wouldn’t buy Ferrari’s anymore. Well men will probably always want Ferraris, but you would think differently about owning it. You would own it purely for your enjoyment not totally as a chick magnet.

The dating industry as a whole is a billion dollar a year business and if people stopped spending all their money on dating you would start to see economic fallout. So it’s society’s job to see to it that you keep spending your money.

An example of social influence is movies where the nice guy who does everything right in society’s eyes, takes the girl out to dinner when she wants and buys her presents gets the girl in the end. People don’t believe other things that happen in movies why believe this bullshit! Or the slogan of a major diamond dealer “A diamond is forever” giving you the idea that if you buy her the diamond she’ll love you forever, yeah right. T.V. radio, and magazines are full of this kind of social programming.

One of the biggest socially programmed days in our society is Valentines Day with 192 million cards alone exchanged every year. That’s a lot of money and that doesn’t even count the kids packages that are sold for them to give out at school. Along with the cards there are flowers, restaurant dinners, hotel rooms, limos, presents and the list goes on and on.

It was estimated last year consumers spent 13.7 billion dollars on Valentines Day related things and is second only to Mothers Day for dining out with 35 % of Americans going out to eat. As you can see I’m not talking about pocket change, society has a big interest in keeping your wallet open and your credit cards swiping.

Now I’m not saying that you can’t buy your woman a present every now and then or surprise her with an evening out but too many men take these kind of actions as “if I do this stuff for her she will never leave me” and that’s wrongful thinking. Superficial stuff has nothing to do with her attraction to you.

Play Hard To Get


business-man-and-womanThink back to a time when you were a little kid and a relative or friend gave you a new toy. When you would play with this new toy you really didn’t think too much about it. If the new toy were to break you may be sad but it’s not too big of a deal because you didn’t buy it anyway.

Now think to a time when you got allowance and if you wanted a new toy you had to work and save for weeks before you had the money to buy it. When you finally saved enough and had bought your new toy you respected it much more than the other toys you had gotten for free. You knew all the hard work you had to put in to be able to purchase it and therefore placed higher value on the toy you bought yourself.

The basic principal is the harder you have to work to get something the more value you place upon it. This same principle can be applied to attracting women too. The easier you give in to a woman the less value she’ll give you, but the harder you are to get the more value she’ll place on you.

For example if you’re in a bar and a woman starts to flirt with you and right away you’re showing that you’re really into her, and acting like there’s no other woman for you, that’s going to set off some red flags for her because she knows that she didn’t put any real effort forth to attract you. But you still got really into her thus you must be a low value man who doesn’t get women and has to take the first one that comes along cause this doesn’t happen very often. She will lose attraction for you.

On the flip side if she starts to flirt with you and you flirt back (maybe tease her a little), after a while you get up and walk around the bar and talk to other women, you’re going to make her put forth some effort if she really wants to get you. When you do hook up with her she knows the work she had to put in to keep your attention so she then sees you as having higher value because you can be choosey about your women. You aren’t easily won over and you don’t just get on the first woman that comes along.

When you play hard to get with women you are sub- communicating to them that you already have women in your life and you don’t necessary need anymore. The funny part is when other women know that you already have women in your life it just makes them want you even more!

Leaders Get The Girls

If you were on an airplane that crash-landed on a deserted island with fifty other people would you be a natural leader? How about when you’re out with your friends, are you one of the leaders of your group? If your answer to either of these was “no” you likely don’t have the choice you would like with women either.

Women are naturally programmed to seek out leaders. If you can show her that you are the leader of your group and/or establish yourself as an authority in her world you will get massive attraction. A leader will convey all characteristics of confidence, which we’ve already discussed. Lets talk about what it is to be a strong leader.

You may have heard the expression, “Lead the men, and the women will follow”. You can convey that you are a natural leader by entering a group and gaining control of the interaction. This doesn’t mean talking over everyone in the group. If you are able to approach the group and gain the attention of everyone in the group you can convey that you are the leader. If you are telling an interesting story and everyone in the group is reacting to you, the women will subconsciously see you as a leader.

Many men misinterpret being a leader and think that they must dominate and lead everything. That is not what being a leader is all about. That just makes you come off as a socially awkward asshole! Don’t be that guy!

A strong leader makes others feel good about their positive attributes. You want others to feel like they are at their best when they are around you. When a leader gives a compliment he means it and it doesn’t come from a place of “suck up”.

As a leader you shouldn’t be concerned about power and authority but rather respect of the group. Realize that everyone in the group has value and bring that out in a way that makes others feel good about having you there.

When you are out with a woman you can show leadership by being decisive. Know what your plan is and make it happen without asking for permission. If an unexpected decision comes along don’t sit and hesitate, just do what you feel is right. Women like it when a guy is decisive and able to make quick decisions.

If leadership does not come naturally for you, realize it will take time to work on this. If you’ve already set a dynamic with a friend or group where they are clearly the leader and you try to take that roll they may take notice and not like it. It takes time to calibrate your leadership abilities but make it a high priority to do so in all current and future relationships.