Does She Like Me?

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“Does She Like Me? How To Tell If A Woman Is Attracted To You”

It can be quite a daunting task for a man to have to approach a woman he’s never met and never talked to. In fact most men would rather jump out of an airplane than approach a beautiful woman. Then on top of all that you still have to figure out if she even likes you or not.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could tell if a woman liked you without her actually telling you she likes you. This would make the whole process of meeting and attracting women so much easier!

Well guess what women do actually give off subtle little hints to men that let them know that they are attracted to them. These little hints are called Indicators of Interest. Most men have no idea what these little cues are and walk around clueless to the fact literally dozens of women are wanting to meet them everyday. Here are some examples of Indicators of Interest.

– She asks you a question. Say you walk up to a woman you don’t know and she asks you a question and she then engages you back after you answer this is a huge sign she’s interested.

– Her body language opens up towards you. For example if she crosses her legs towards you or is leaning into you during conversation.

– While in conversation you notice her looking at your lips and mouth. This can also be a sign that she wants to kiss you!

– She holds eye contact with you. This can be a little bit of a scary one because sometimes it can feel uncomfortable to hold eye contact with someone for an extended amount of time but try to hold it for longer then you normally would.

– She’s comfortable with you touching her. This is an excellent one because you can actually test to see if she likes you by simply touching her on her arm or even touching her hair and if she doesn’t pull away that’s a huge indicator she likes you.

– She initiates physical contact in a playful way. Maybe she might hit you in the arm or pinch you something to that affect. This is her trying to flirt with and wanting you to flirt back with her.

Now that you know some of the signs a woman gives to let you know she’s attracted to you, you have to remember when you start seeing these signs you must act on them!

Inside I’ll give you my full report on Indicators of Interest so you can know when a woman is attracted and pump the attraction sky high!

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