G Spot Orgasm Technique

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If you’re going to create a long term sexual relationship it’s important that you are a sexually confident man.  This means understanding how to give your woman a G Spot orgasm.  Just knowing that you can do this will make your confidence skyrocket!

What I’m going to teach you in this post about the G Spot might seem basic to some, or it might give you a few new ideas to try out, but ultimately my task here is to make sure you have a basic understanding of how to give a woman an orgasm. More specifically a G Spot vaginal orgasm.  Just knowing how to do this and taking the time to give a woman a deep vaginal orgasm will put you way ahead of other men!

Women are pleasure deprived creatures! Did you know that 30% of women have never had an orgasm? Did you also know that 70% of women have never had an orgasm during sex? Not only this but over half of all women claim to have faked an orgasm at one time.

Just think about how grateful all the women you attract into your life will be when you give them a powerful full body vaginal G Spot orgasm!  For some it could be the first time they’ve ever had an orgasm like this!

You must command her respect and trust first. It is very important to understand that in order to give a woman an orgasm you must be able to steer her body as well as her mind.  It’s important that the woman has a high level of respect and trust towards you. This will allow her to completely let go and give herself to you fully, both body and mind.

A woman’s mind might be her biggest obstacle keeping her from having a G Spot orgasm. Confident women usually have an easier time reaching orgasm because they don’t let their insecurities or fear get in the way. Shy or self-conscious women might take more time before they respond and let themselves go.

It is also important to realize that all sexual techniques will get better as you get to know the woman and gauge her individual responses to different touches.  Each woman you encounter will be different in how she likes to be stimulated. Take the time to understand this and you will get better with each woman you meet!

Those of you who have already read my blog, “Factors of Attraction”, know that the type of man you become using my techniques is a man that a woman responds to. You become the type of man she will want to give herself to sexually. Trust and respect will be there automatically when you are able to get her highly attracted to you.

Two Types of Female Orgasms:

Clitoral Orgasm – This is the most common way a woman usually orgasms. It’s how a woman typically masturbates and how she is used to being stimulated.

The clitoris is located outside the vagina and can be stimulated using your finger or tongue. You can also rub it during intercourse to enhance her stimulation.  You can get great responses from women and give them powerful orgasms using clitoral stimulation.

This post does not cover clitoral orgasms but I wanted to mention it here to point out that there is a difference between clitoral and vaginal orgasms. Women are used to men giving them (or at least trying to give them) clitoral orgasms. There is a lot of information on the Internet about this basic type of orgasm. Let’s move on so we can talk about what this post is really about, deep full body vaginal orgasms.

Vaginal Orgasm – This is an orgasm caused by stimulating the inside of the vagina. This is a much deeper, full body orgasm for a woman. Of the women who are able to achieve orgasm, only 30% have had a vaginal orgasm. All women are capable of achieving a vaginal orgasm, but some don’t think they can and some don’t even KNOW they can!

There are two “spots” in the vagina that when stimulated correctly will give a woman a powerful orgasm. These two spots are the “G Spot” and the “A Spot”. As you guessed it from the title, we’re going to cover the G Spot in this post.

The G Spot is located about 1½ to 2½ inches inside along the front wall of the vagina.

G Spot

People often debate about where the G Spot is, and some scientific research debates whether it even exists.  Ask any man with experience or a woman who is vaginally orgasmic and both will assure you that it certainly does exist.

The G Spot can be stimulated during intercourse, and some women might prefer a particular position over another if it hits her G Spot more. It is not very far inside, that is why you sometimes hear women say that the girth of the penis can be better than the length.  A fatter penis might rub her G Spot more during intercourse.

What you want to do is take the time to give her a G Spot vaginal orgasm BEFORE sex even starts so that she is very sensitive and multi-orgasmic once sex begins.  You can stimulate her G Spot directly using your finger(s). Direct stimulation to her G Spot will give her a powerful orgasm.

Before you begin to stimulate her G Spot it’s important to mention that LOTS of foreplay is required.  If a woman is not fully aroused her G Spot is not going to be very pronounced and it’s going to be harder to find.

The key is making sure you really have her “juices flowing” before you even being G Spot stimulation.  If you do this her G Spot will be “primed” and ready fore the G Spot Technique I describe below.

Something to note…once you begin stimulating her G Spot it’s going to seem to get bigger and bigger…kind of like it’s “ballooning up”.  This is a good thing and just means you’re on the right track, so keep going!

G Spot Technique

Have your woman lay flat on her back comfortably with her head resting on a pillow. Sit to the side of her facing her body. Choose the side where you will be able to use your preferred hand (ex: sit facing her right side if you prefer to use your right hand)

Lube your fingers with Astroglide or all natural Grape Seed Oil before you begin.  Even if she produces a lot of her own lubrication (gets really wet on her own) it’s important to use extra lube to prevent her from getting sore from over stimulation. Also, make sure fingernails are cut and smooth so you do not scratch or injure her.

Insert either your middle or index finger into her vagina to about the second joint. You will feel a spongy area on the front wall of the vagina. Make strong pumps toward the front stroking firmly down the front wall of the vagina. If you need to, insert two fingers to add stimulation.

Watch her face and body and make adjustments based on her responses to your touch. Continue this until she has an orgasm. This could take a while if she has never had a vaginal orgasm before. I’ve gone as long as 45 minutes to get a woman to reach her first vaginal orgasm. I would not recommend going for longer as this will make her vagina very soar.

You will know when she reaches orgasm because you will feel the muscles of her vagina squeeze down on your fingers and sometimes flutter before letting go. This is more noticeable on some women than others depending on how strong her vagina muscles are.

Women often make noises like men do when they orgasm, but some are very quiet.Never ask a woman if she had an orgasm, it is your job as her man to KNOW when she has an orgasm. If she does not have an orgasm the first few times you try this with her do not get frustrated with her or yourself.  It can take time to work up to this level of full body orgasm!

I should also mention that G Spot stimulation is also the most common way to get a woman to ejaculate. This is where a woman actually ejaculates out her urethra during orgasm, similar to the way a man does.


  1. crystal williams says

    Hello, my hubby and I have been married for almost 9 yrs and he has nerver found my g spot. I think sometimes “do I even have a g spot” it is very upsetting, sometimes after sex I have cried cause I was so upset. Please help!!!!!!!!

      • Bhekzola says

        Hi I’m Bhekzola, please Alejandro could you be kind enough and give my wife of 8 years and I your tips on working on her G Spot.

        • Christian Thorne says

          @Bhekzola Have you tried the G Spot stimulation technique that I talk about in the post above? It works great for inducing a G Spot orgasm.

    • Christian Thorne says

      When your husband is looking for your G Spot, it is very important that you are fully aroused (both mentally and physically). If you’re not fully aroused your G Spot may seem like it’s not there, this is because it kind of lays dormant when not aroused. When your husband begins to stimulate your G Spot it will begin to “balloon up” and begin more and more sensitive. Don’t give up it is there!

      • Christian Thorne says

        @Lyndsie Have you tried to find your G Spot on your own? You can use a G Spot vibrator or dildo… Sometimes this is easier than relying on only your partner to find it for you. Once you know how to locate your own G Spot, you’ll be albe to more easily guide your partner to the right area.

    • puru says

      you dn”t have to worry see now this time!!! when you go with him just try to be more positive and feel him from your soul and i promises that this time you”ll get better result and forget about your before unsuccess sex trying chances and thought that you are the best women in this world who can give best pleasure to his man and this time you have to win on your sex desires just dnt be feel negative and try to keep full constrate this time on your sexfeel !!!!ok i am an indian so my eng is not so good so what i had wrote above may be their is some mistake so dnt mind it u just try and give me reply soon ok rem its is necessary to that now u are satisfied with my compliment or not

  2. harry says

    compliment of the season. i think the first thing you should do is to be relaxed and eliminate the idea of anxiety. enjoy sex and develop from there. sex to me and my wife is an art has no name. expectation is like the the spilled ink. be nature and a spark can occur after a 3 weeks break. it could be that would ingnite it. keep loving.

  3. harry says

    and i forgot to add, my wife said you should take charge and try something variance from your style,from your bedroom, trying it in the bathtub, the kitchen anywhere that will make it look it look as if someone is coming in on you. ” i often reach orgasm faster if i make love being on top of my man.

  4. Eddy says

    Last week,we tried to find the G-spot but were unsuccessful.just how long does it take before a woman begin to respond?

    • Christian Thorne says

      The biggest key is to make sure that she is FULLY aroused as the G Spot will become more “pronounced” and more sensitive. As far as a time frame for inducing an orgasm with the G Spot stimulation it really just depends on the woman, but it can take up to 30 minutes sometimes.

  5. Sig says

    I have to agree with your advice. I learned it long ago from paying attention to a lot of the arguements of the day in the 80s. Just a thought, but for the guys who haven’t found it yet, go down on lady and get her aroused as all hell….then stop and go after the G Spot. Unlike the rest of the interior, it will have a spongey feel to it and will not be AS SMOOTH as the rest of the area. An easy way to reach it is with the lady on the bed on her knees, with he ass in the air..stand behind her at the edge of the bed and using one or two finger and lube, with your hand palm down, insert your fingers all the way in, press down with a little bit of pressure and pull your fingers back across the area. Watch for reactions.

  6. Laura says

    Hi me and my hubby are thinking of trying sex soon and I really want to have some sexual pleasure. What do we do for the clitoris and how do we do the g spot help quick ?

    • Christian Thorne says

      For the G Spot have your husband follow the directions in the post above it works great! Just make sure you’re fully aroused before he begins to stimulate your G Spot (it will be more sensitive) and use plenty of lube.

      For the clitoris…oral sex works great!

  7. chanel davis says

    I have never had an orgasm I thought it was something I was doing wrong I have been with my partner for about 5 years and he trys but I will never get there and it kind of upsetting for me because I wont to know what it feels like to reach that point so can you please help me I wont to enjoy sex as much as he does.

    • Christian Thorne says

      If you’ve never had an orgasm before (even on your own) I recommend masturbating to first learn about your own body and what you respond to. Play with your clitoris and get a G Spot vibrator or dildo and start experimenting.

      Once you’re at the point of being able to give yourself an orgasm through masturbation, you’ll more easily be able to communicate to your parter what your body responds to and instruct him so that he can learn.

  8. Bhekzola says

    Hi after just a simple single attempt, the technique of sucking and licking her clit like I was doing to an ice cream,with two fingers about two inches in..all I did was to act like I was beckoning her to come to me..indeed that round-like thing had swollen up…two three simple taps were enough to jerk her off and she knocked out of bed due to the powerful spasms she had and she squirted all over making the bed wet..we were compelled to change the sheets.. Wow what an experience.! Due to work we don’t live together but I’m meeting her again tonight,I hope this time she’ll hit the ceiling when she has her G-spot and clit simultaneously srummed..! Thanx guyz. Bhekzola.

  9. Mangi says

    The easiest way 4 a woman 2 get an orgarsim is by mustarbating.Then you’ll know what it is you should expect/want out of sex.

  10. K Steadman says

    I have give my partner a orgasam and she has cum ever were I love I give her a good licking and fingering as well and I love sucking and licking our cum up at the end of it what a buzz I carnt wait to get back in to her love the taste of h and myself oooooo yes I won’t more

    • Christian Thorne says

      Draven…do you usually perform G Spot stimulation in order for these women to reach climax so rapidly? Or is it more clitoral stimulation or clitoral mixed with G Spot stimulation…just curious about your technique…

  11. Mehgan says

    I would just like to point out that women are capable of having 5 different kinds of orgasms it’s not limited to two. Nipple, Clitoral, Vagina, G-spot (yes they are different), and Anal.

  12. kitty licker says

    My fiance gets mad when i cant find her g spot she sais she dont like sex anymore cus i dont hit her g spot so dont feel bad lol

    • Christian Thorne says

      One tip for finding your wife’s G Spot is to make sure you perform LOTS and LOTS of foreplay before hand. The reason is the G Spot kind of lays dormant unless she’s aroused. Once you get her “motor running” the G Spot will become more noticed to you and more sensitive to her and thus making her much happier with the entire process :-)

  13. Brass says

    I have been trying this on my wife but she says it just makes her have to pee does she just need to bear down or am I doing something wrong

    • Christian Thorne says

      Actually if she’s feeling the need to pee then you are on the right track. When she’s feeling the need to pee during G Spot stimulation you need to keep stimulating her G Spot and tell her to “push it out”. Don’t worry it’s not pee that she’s feeling the need to release it’s female ejaculation!

  14. katie1982 says

    Hi the grape seed oil? What is the difference between that and regular lube? And where can I buy it?

  15. raady says

    So if I decide to give her the G spot orgasm using my fingers, can I still penetrate her directly after the orgasm?

  16. Dona says

    I did not ha^e a g spot orgasm during my 38 years of marriage. My fiancée introduced me to the g spot I soak the sheets when I ha^e a g spot orgasm! My fiancée gets a lot of pleasure watching.

  17. lee says

    Is size really matter? I have heard some say, yes but some say, no. Is there any honest woman out there can give an absolute honest answer?

    thank you very much!

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